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Since 1947, Armada Rubber has applied innovative thinking in order to conserve materials, reduce production time, meet critical delivery deadlines and maintain the superior quality that is required by today’s competitive market.

High standards have enabled Armada Rubber to become an approved source to all Major OEM's and their suppliers. To complement our custom engineering and molding Armada Rubber utilizes existing tooling to assist our customers in quick cost effective-solutions.

The products displayed here on our website are typical but not limited to our range of manufacturing. Contact Armada Rubber at the e-mails on our contacts page for further details and also listings for your local sales engineers.

About Us

  • 75 + Years of Experience
  • Zero Debt - Financially STRONG
  • Engineering & Design at NO Charge to Our Customer
  • Industry Leading Quality
  • Best in Class Response Time
  • Proprietary Engineering Technologies and Rubber Material Compounded ON-SITE
  • Quick Material Change Implementation
  • Rapid Prototype Molds
  • Fast Production Mold Timing
  • Can Meet Most Applications with Current Armada Owned Molds for Immediate Implementation
  • Customer Recognition in VAVE Activity
  • Not Heavily Leveraged Directly with Domestic Automakers (broad customer base)
Our Products