Industries Served

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1. Consoles – Closure Bumpers.
2. Instrument Panels – Anti-Rattle Bumpers and Protector Caps.
3. Door Stops and Spacers.
4. Firewall Hole Plugs.
5. Seat Backrests and Stops.
6. Anti-Rattle Window Stops.
7. Door Overslam Bumpers.
8. Emergency Brake Pedal Bumpers.
9. AshTray and Glove Box Bumpers.
10. Speedometer Cable Guide Grommets.
11. Remote Mirror Guide Grommets and Seals

1. Vacuum Systems Connectors.
2. Vacuum Caps.
3. PCV Tube to Valve Cover Silicone Grommets.
4. Valve Cover Fastener Dampeners and Seals.
5. Cruise Control Connectors.
6. Coolant Flow Valve Washer.
7. Isolation Bracket Grommets for Power Steering Assemblies and Blower Assemblies.
8. Mounts and Isolation Grommets for Anti-Lock Brake Units

Exterior and Underframe
1. Windshield Washer Nozzles and Grommets.
2. Brake Cable Seals.
3. Transmission Cable Isolators.
4. Exterior Door Handle Assemblies, Stops, and Spacers.
5. Anti-Rattle Bumpers for Lock Assemblies.
6. Fuel Filler Door Bumpers and Spacers.
7. Automatic Headlamp Stops.
8. Sunroof Stops.